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Individualized care is my priority to ensure you feel fully supported during the birth continuum. Each offering can be adjusted to meet the needs of you and your family. Connect with me directly to discuss exactly what you're looking for.

Image by Lazaro Rodriguez

Postpartum Care

Tending to the mother during the postpartum phase offers a time of healing that can impact the woman for life - Traditional Chinese Medicine calls this time A Golden Opportunity. This is a time of honouring the new mother and new addition(s) to the family with total presence and reverence. Having postpartum specific care creates a warm, welcoming, and healing experience where the post birth glow can be fully enjoyed. Emphasizing the five pillars of postpartum healing - Warmth, Rest, Specific Food, Bodywork & Community.

Prenatal Education

Preparing you and your family for the arrival of your baby. This form of support focuses on nutrition, birth prep for you and your partner, newborn care, and planning for postpartum.

Prenatal Portrait

Unassisted & Home Birth Consulting

After experiencing my own birth outside the system, I offer online support for women who are also wanting to birth in this way. Unassisted birth can look different for every family whether you are wanting support from friends/family members, a birth attended, or simply you and your partner. Navigating the system when registering your baby, supplies, birth prep, resources, etc.

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