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At Invati Yoga Studio, Lake Country BC
Saturdays starting March 2nd - 30th
12:00 - 2:00pm

Planning for the 4th Trimester: 5-week workshop series


This series is for expecting mothers and their support system (partners, mother-in-laws, aunts, uncles, friends etc.) to gather in community during pregnancy to prepare for the Postpartum time after birth. In this series we will go deep into the 5 essential pillars for postpartum healing: Warmth, Rest, Food, Bodywork, & Community. Each class will be centered around 1 or 2 of these pillars with hands-on learning, shared recipes, guided meditations and so much more. The fifth class will be to create the postpartum plan unique to each attendee, going into detail what support each mother and family requires. After each woman has given birth and completed her 6-week laying-in period, we will then gather for a final class - date to be determined - that will be a celebration where we will go into the birth story medicine of each woman, witness each other in our new roles as mothers, and offer a Closing of the Bones ceremony to those that wish to experience this tender closing of birth and postpartum.

The intention for this series was set by my teacher Rachelle Garcia Seliga, to educate those ushering in the next generation on the importance of mother-baby centered care. Maternal health is not only relative to Mothers themselves - but also to children and families - as children’s health is contingent upon Mother’s health. If we want to assure the health of the future generations, we need to begin by focusing on the health and well being of Mothers. 


Traditional Postpartum Care Versus Modern Postpartum Care 

In Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Systems the early postpartum time - which is from birth up until 40 days - when tended to with adequate care can IMPROVE the health and wellbeing of the mother. Whereas not tending to this time with proper care can leave a mother in a state of deterioration and depletion. Unfortunately most modern people are accustomed to the latter: that postpartum leaves a woman deteriorated. 

During this workshop we will understand the importance and impact of postpartum specific care, create a postpartum plan that is nourishing to the individual mother / family, learn how to tend to ourselves and take responsibility for our health, and create & fortify the foundation of postpartum healing: COMMUNITY.

Investment: $297 incl. tax

*Payment plans available please email me directly at

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